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Becoming A Male Escort Is Not About Guilt

Becoming A Male Escort Is Not About Guilt

19 Sep 2018

Being an escort, regardless of what is said and done, isn’t a business many try to get into. If the stigma attached to it isn’t enough, there are various narrow-minded thoughts that revolve around it too. The vast majority believe becoming a male escort means saying yes to risky, demeaning and exploitative work. Despite all of these issues however there are some who are still strive at making this a profession and disregard any negative thoughts coming their way.

Internet Causing a Demand for Male Escorts?

Male escorts do not hold high esteem in society. This is because of the various misguided judgments about this profession. Many believe they are forced into it, that they loathe their work, that they are addicts or that aren’t ready to commit to a relationship.

Due to the growth of the internet and widespread use of social media however, escorting has seen a steady rise. Today, more than 90 percent of the market advertises for male escort services online. These figures go against the idea that male escorts are demeaning profession. It also shows that it isn’t just a type of work meant for the streets.

What It Takes to Be a Male Escort

The raw male sexiness that overflows from a knowledgeable male escort can pull in clients even from abroad. These clients have no hesitations about paying a large amount of cash to spend time with them or have them as arm candy. It’s normal and quite obvious that strong and confident male escorts are more likely to attract high-end clients who want nothing but to show off and draw special attention. Nothing is sexier than a man who holds himself well. Any escort emulating these characteristics is bound to do extremely well in the business.

It is critical to figure out the emotions of the clients as well. Numerous clients have emotional back stories or scars from past relationships. Whatever the case, an ideal escort should understand, be thoughtful and strong. Being a male escort means guaranteeing that customers are fulfilled all the way to the end. Along these lines, the customer’s needs should be put over everything else. Most clients who enlist male escorts are well-educated and emerge from the elite section of society. Therefore an intellectual and well-read male escort is regarded as an extremely attractive asset.

It Isn’t Just About the Sex

Being a male escort doesn’t imply sleeping with countless number of women and after that getting paid for it. It is a sensitive occupation that requires you to understand the client mentally and physically. Keep in mind, being an escort means being able to cater to the client’s needs. It is necessary to know when to be supportive and when to put a foot down as well. Once an escort understands this, he will be prepared to shape himself to suit any client he meets.

It is a common thought that being a male escort is an unethical way of living life. However, it is almost as similar to merely “hooking-up,” or having a famous supermodel bragging about the number of people he or she has been with. Other than that, the chances of a male escort going to expensive places and restaurants that too with the added benefit of getting paid is high. It’s basically having a social life. Keeping prejudices aside, it is more lucrative and remunerating than the low-paying industry jobs offered to the general public.