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Escort Marketing Tips

Escort Marketing Tips

06 Jul 2017

Just because you have a pretty face doesn’t mean you’ll automatically jump up the escort ladder. You can be the prettiest girl in all the land, but if no one knows you’re out there, you will be the loneliest escort in all of said land.

What’s an escort to do?

Learn how to market yourself

Before you roll your baby blues or emerald green eyes, think about the Kardashians. They don’t rest on the laurels of their looks to get their name out there. They use their entire body and that includes using their brains.

As an escort, you have to start branding yourself. Maybe you’re the hottest MILF in Cardiff or offer the best girlfriend experience in the world, but no one’s going to know about your skills if you don’t start shouting it from the roof tops.

Once you’ve built a brand name for yourself or a brand for yourself, it’s time to get the word out there. Don’t rely on shoddy selfies or camera photos. Hire a professional photographer who will take photos that reflect your brand. If you’re saying you’re the best girlfriend experience, you’re obviously not going to be taking porn star style photos. The same, if you’re a naughty school girl role play, is off the hook, you’re not going to be dressed as a dominatrix!

Now it’s time for social media. Twitter is your friend. Facebook and Instagram will only be your friend if you are tastefully promoting yourself. Someone who’s promoting porn star experience is best to use Twitter than the other social media giants.

You might be asking, why are you even using social media? Instead, you should be asking why aren’t you using social media?

If the Kardashians are hitting the road and travelling abroad, you know they’ve posted scenic photos  of their trip and if you are an escort touring the stunning coasts of Brisbane or maybe you’re doing a short two week residency at a Brisbane brothel, don’t you want potential clients to know where you are and what you’re doing? You can’t rely on your agency or brothel to get the word out about how wonderful you are between the sheets.

You got to take control of your own promotions and advertising. It’s all on you.

Social media allows you to shout your greatness from the rooftops and lets clients past and present to praise you to future clients.

It’s only going to make you more loved by and more sought after by your clients.