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Your Sissy Secret

Your Sissy Secret

16 Aug 2020

It’s not enough to just be a sissy, is it?  You like the delicious possibility of your Mistress revealing your sissy secret to the world.  And it’s not really a secret, if being a sissy is the truth.  The truth is you like to wear women’s clothing, act like a woman and talk in a girly voice.  You like to play with your clitty and you have fantasies of sucking cocks for your Mistress.

You may still feel attracted to women, but certainly not in the way that real men are.  When you gaze at a sexy woman, you dream of looking like her, of dressing like her, of attracting attention like her.  Nevertheless, there is no longer an illusion here.  As a girly-boy, you could never sexually please her.  At the most, you should worship her.  At the least, you aspire to be her.

Sissy Phone Sex

Let our Dommes train you to be the perfect sissy.  Receive ongoing training, makeup tips and assignments from Dommes during Sissy Phone Sex calls.  However, as you can see by looking at the profile photos showcased on our site, some of our Mistresses are totally twisted.  They would get sadistic satisfaction from telling you how they would enjoy exposing you online or even blackmailing you.  If this is a fantasy of yours, can you imagine hearing all the details about how a sinister Dominatrix can make this happen during your private phone session?

Be prepared to confess all your fem desires.  Any denial you cling to will be decimated. Be prepared to admit you’re not a real man. You may go out in the world in a man’s costume, but our skilled Mistresses can see right through you. To symbolize that you are owned by your Mistress, you will be wearing panties under your man costume, panties to work, panties to the board meeting.  Don’t resist what you really want. Surrender to being a sissy.

Feminine Predilections

There are many different types of sissies. So, be sure to tell your Domme about your feminine predilections.  Your Domme will take it from there.  One thing is universal among crossdressers, fems and girly-boys, the craving for excitement and sexual release.  Dressing up alone is not enough.  This is why Sissy Phone Sex is perfect for you.